TM Racing 85 MX

2017 TM Racing 85 MX


Bore and Stroke: 47.95 x 47
Displacement: 85cc
Compression ratio: 1:17,2
Horse power: N.A.
Aspirazione: Reed valve
Carburettor: Keihin 28mm
Fuel: Super-unleaded
Ignition: Kokusan CDI Electronic with variable advance
Clutch: Multiple-disk in oil bath with hydraulic control
Gear: 6 gear
Cooler System: Coolant liquid with pump
Frame: Perimetral Aluminium Section
Front fork: Formula 39
Rear shock: Extreme tech
Front tyre: 70 / 100 x 17 – 70 / 100 x 19
Rear tyre: 90 / 100 x 14 – 90 / 100 x 16
Front brake: Disk 220 mm. with Brembo pump and Braking caliper
Rear brake: Disk 190 mm. with Braking pump and caliper
Tank: Plastic 6 Litres


The 85cc machine will receive only minimalist updates for 2017 designed to further enhance an already incredible package, with a growing reputation of being one of the best ‘out-of-the-box’ 85cc machines on the market, the TM 85 MX machine has an ever increasing track record of excellent results and great reliability. With a chassis that not only gives superb riding characteristics but is also one of, if not the, lightest on the track in real world terms, matched to an engine that has a great spread of usable, class leading power. The smallest machine of the TM Racing brand range is constructed with not only performance in mind but also durability and is well received by amateur and professional alike in its characteristics.

The aluminium chassis, a first for a ‘Junior’ model, not only looks incredible but also delivers the lap times when matched to the ‘factory’ type fork and shock absorber arrangement, the suspension will have new internal settings implemented for the 2017 models to further improve this already agile machine. The new settings have created an even greater response to terrain changes with improved tracking and rear wheel traction, this in combination with the confidence inspiring ‘over-sized’ braking system that works, and keeps working, in the harshest conditions, gives a great chassis package of tried and tested components. Built to perform and keep performing whilst maintaining lightweight and retaining ‘upmarket’ componentry and strength throughout, the TM 85 MX is an incredible machine.

The 85cc watercooled, powervalve type engine features a billet crankshaft, a machined and treated con-rod, hand finished crankcases that feature a water jacket around the crankshaft area for reducing crank temperatures, a V-force reed block, hand finished cylinders, an oversize gearbox and clutch arrangement for superb durability and ultra-reliable clutch performance, die-cast clutch casing and ancillary covers for a smooth look, lighter weight and superb strength, a Kokusan ignition system and Scalvini exhaust system, all fed by a Keihin 28mm carburettor with an oversize intake bell mouth, breathing through a large volume Twin-Air air filter. For 2017, the already outstanding, 85cc engine will receive new crankseals designed to ensure increased seal durability whilst reducing frictional losses, the cylinder receives a new port / port timing arrangement to maximise performance throughout the rpm range and a new nicasil coating to the cylinder walls, combined with a small change to the powervalve system to once again give a better overall power delivery.  Chassis components include, billet triple clamps, billet hubs laced to excel rims, billet rear brake lever, oversize brake discs with oversize callipers, braided brake and clutch lines, hydraulic clutch, Formula 39 Fork, Extreme Tech shock absorber, TM even felt the need to include a built in hole-shot device, the specification is endless. For 2017 the aesthetical look of the machine will remain the same with its already modern design replicating that of its big brethren, albeit for a new decal scheme incorporating some brighter colour accents giving a more striking visual appearance. A machine built with purpose, using some of the best components and materials available, designed to perform and keep performing without the need to invest heavily in the after-market, an excellent package of high performance, superb handling characteristics, light weight and excellent reliability for the youth sector.

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